Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let's all contribute to grant Sierra Cooper's Christmas wish for her family

21-year-old raises money for her funeral
Her final Christmas wish

Updated: Tuesday, 22 Dec 2009, 11:08 AM EST
Published : Monday, 21 Dec 2009, 6:12 PM EST

* Amanda Jarrett

CLINTON, Ind. (WTHI) - Just days before Christmas, a young woman with muscular dystrophy is planning her own funeral, so she won't leave the burden behind for her family.

Sierra Cooper, 21, has battled muscular dystrophy her entire life, then she received another blow: Being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Now, Sierra faces a grim outlook and doctors said she has little time left.

"If it was up to me, she'd have another 30 to 40 years and she'd bury me," Sallie Cooper, Sierra's mother, said. "You're not supposed to bury your child."

Sierra may only have weeks left. This Christmas, her wish isn't under the tree this year. She's asking for donations to help pay for her funeral.

"I love my parents and I don't want them to be struggling when I'm gone," Sierra said.

Sierra isn't eligible for life insurance. Every day is a struggle for the 21-year-old, as she's hooked to a pack of oxygen and medicine. That's why her mother wants to give her the only thing she can: A proper funeral.

"She'll never get a wedding, so I want to do something special for her," Sallie said. "She's been planning her own funeral, so of course I want to give her the funeral she wants."

While she's planning for her final days, Sierra said she's found peace.

"I'm going to be with God and I'm going to be pain-free, no oxygen, no pain pump," Sierra said. "I'm going to be normal for once and be able to do the stuff you guys take for granted."

For now, she's living life one day at a time. Sierra prepares for a final Christmas. She's hoping for help as she leaves her family behind.

If you'd like to help the Cooper family, you can make donations to the Sierra Cooper Benefit Fund at any First Financial Bank location . Contact First Financial Bank at 812-238-6000.

First Financial Bank
PO Box 220
Clinton, IN 47842


Anonymous said...

I sent a contribution. This is a heartbreaking story. I understand the community has scheduled a fundraiser on Jan. 2.

the UNchecked other said...

It is a very heartbreaking story, and one that is repeated numerous times across the world. Sadly, there are many Sierra Coopers, with different names and life-robbing illnesses. i pray that she at least lives to see the New Year.

You are a kind person, Anonymous. May life bless you with love and joy for helping to make Sierra's last wish come true.


Anonymous said...

I too contributed to the fund just before Christmas, and was glad to see the CNN story today that they had a fundraiser in her home town for her. I am gratified by the response to this young woman's story in this vulgar, profane world we live in...shows that humanity is redeemable.

the UNchecked other said...

Exactly, Anonymous! To quote from "The Kite Runner," there IS a way to be good again.


Anonymous said...

Sierra passed away on July 18th. She was a very brave and strong young lady.Thanks to all of the kind people who open their hearts and sent donation her wish came true...R.I.P. Sierra Mhree

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