Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Set-Up: Personal Filofax Finsbury in Red

After a couple of weeks of using my personal Filofax Osterley in Wine (as the colour is called here in the States), I've come to the decision that as beautiful as she is and as much as I love her, Ms. Luxurious Crocodile-Embossed Leather just does not fit my current on-the-go lifestyle. Even if I put her inside a dust bag before putting her inside my bag, I am still so paranoid about getting any scratches on her. And then there was that time when I used an anti-bacterial gel. I thought my hands were dry, but when I opened the organizer, a wee part of the leather became discoloured :o(

I'm now using a personal Finsbury in red and if you can believe it, is actually a simpler, slimmed down version of my usual ;o) Just one ruler, one business/credit card holder, no dpp. It also functions as a wallet...Heaven help me. Eventually I will do a major overhaul, but for now, this system works.

I will write more detailed posts later, but for now, here are some  (low-res camera phone) photos:


SNARLing: said...

i thought the osterley might be too hign maintenance. it's beautiful tho. LOVE your tabs - especially the grad pic with mum under famous bronze fellow (sorry, dont know who he is).

i've been using a black compact chameleon which i LOVE - 4 months straight with the same setup with planner section almost totally perfected but of course i'm a bit antsy waiting for the regency from p&l. (just hit ffusa tho!) just recently got a raspberry finsbury for 'fun'. hard for me to be in a regular personal but i'll try it out for a bit just to see. it's beautiful in it's own right! really want to break it in so gonna have to really try and hang for a bit then it's back to business in a serious but beautiful regency for me!

UNchecked other said...

Aloha Snarling!

Yeah, the Osterley is a bit too high maintenance. I'd originally named her McAbby (NCIS fan in da house!), but am now thinking of re-naming her Mariah!

The bronze statue is supposed to be of the dude who donated a bunch of books at the founding of our school. It's known as a the statue of three errors, though, because: 1. on the actual statue, the founding of our our school is off by two years 2. dude DID not found the school he's named after; he just donated books and 3. the dude who posed for the pic is a model of sorts, not Johnny Boy. In any case, while the statue is bronze, Johnny's shoe is more gold...because through the years undergrads pee on it as one of the initiations to be a "true" member of our school. Gah. I always cringe and feel like Adrian Monk when tourists stare in awe at the statue and rub his foot for good luck...

Ahhhhh! The Regency! Textured Filos (and bags) are always my undoing. I saw the Regency up close and personal when I went to NYC on a day trip and duuuuude...pure love. For now, I can't justify buying it. I have a thing wherein I must already have a use in mind before buying a Filo, not vice versa :(

My Filos all look like overstuffed burritos, and I'm sort of worried about venturing over to the compact/slimline side. It's like being a lifelong Democrat and then one day waking up thinking, "Ohhh...I want to start a club called "Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are Amazing Women Leaders." Or something.

Can't wait to read about your Regency on your blog! Keep rockin' and making those awesome Altoid tins!

Anita said...

Once upon a time I was lusting after a personal Deco, but I'm glad I didn't buy one. My bank balance wouldn't have thanked me, & I'd worry about carrying it around with every day objects like keys & stuff! My Malden is just perfect for me.

Glad you're getting on with the Finsbury :)

UNchecked other said...

Aloha Anita!

My mom has the Malden, and she is positively raving over it. This coming from a woman who didn't get my Filo love at first :o)

Miss_Oakden said...

Wow I love how organised your filofax looks.

I would love to see a post about your tabs... I have never seen a filofax with so many tabs and would love to know what they all mean you

SNARLing: said...

heh heh unche-o i love that bronze statue even MORE now!

i would also love to see more about your tabs. please do tell...

Louloudorset said...

Fab post and loving your set up. I have a Deco (courtesy of my very lovely fiancé) am I do worry about it getting messed up but then I figured life is too short and any scratches or wear shows she's loved and used :0)


~AspireToBe~ said...

What a gorgeous filofax, such a great personality! I get the feeling that your filo is well-used & well-loved! Loving all the dividers & top tabs :)

Thanks for sharing your set up!

UNchecked other said...

Aloha Lovelies!

@Miss_Oakden and @SNARLing: LOL It's a bit "Tabs Gone Wild," isn't it? A proper post is in the works, but the dividers are as follow:

Dossier= Important Info, Web, Maps and Refence

Hausfrau Minus the Herr (aka Household)=Important Information, Expense Tracker, Travel, Household To Do/Shopping Lists, Lin La Vida Expat (for my impending move to Istanbul)

Time Travel (aka Diary)= Year, Month, Week, Day, Priorities, Special Occasions

Alis Volat Propriis (She Flies With Her Own Wings)= Bucket List, 101 in 1001, Words of Wisdom, Love Letters to Life, Blogs, Da Kine

9-5 Groovin' (Work; Formerly Grad School)= Important Information, Projects and Ideas, Notes, Priorities, Networking, Resources

Dudes and Dudettes= Contacts

I tend to be hyper-organized since I have to balance so many different things at once. But I like it that way; if I had a lot of free time I'd be so bored!

@Louloudorset: Congratulations on your engagement! A man who buys you Filofax = a man worth spending the rest of your life with ;o)

I found myself missing the Osterley, so I think I'm gonna start using her as a work Filo. I like that thought; well-used = well-loved!

@AspireToBe = Tempe the Filo has some sass in her! My friends say that my Filos are the equivalent of the hairstyle mullet (business in front, party in the back) because outside they reflect the seriousness of my field (human rights, focusing on genocide and honour crimes) but inside they reflect my sort of sassy surfer vibe!

LJ said...

Aloha!!! Loving the tabs, so many and so cool!!! The Finsbury, although not the flashest of the filos, is so fabulous - it is lovely to look at, feels great and is hardwearing enough to be thrown into bags without too much thought. I love it. :o)

UNchecked other said...

Aloha LJ:

Yes, the Finsbury is quite the tough beauty. I like how it's structured enough that you can write on it without a table, and how adaptable it is that you can take it straight from a meeting and into the field.

I'm currently haunting/stalking the web right now for a pocket or A5 in aqua as a new Happiness binder or a journal ;o)

LJ said...

The A5 aqua Fins is a most beautiful filofax - just looking at it makes you want to smile :-)

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